Terrain Generator Shader PRO v.0.4

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This is procedurally generated landscape in node editor that is created by using procedural textures.

Note: for  blender version 2.78 and higher, as Terrane Generator Shader PRO uses micropolygon displacement.

Update v.0.4

  • remade color module;
  • add mask outputs: snow, rock,grass, sand;
  • add splatmap and colormap outputs;
  • add noise generator module;
  • add voronoi generator module;
  • add terrace and constant;
  • add procedurall textures.

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Little

    Hi, looks like a very nice product and I have a project coming up which could use it.
    The problem is that I am on a Mac and I understand that micropolygon displacement will not work on the Mac yet.
    Does that mean that your addon will not work?

    • Viktor Sazonov

      Hello Mike!
      Unfortunately, I do not know how micropolygon displacement works on the Mac, I am a PC user. I think that the developers will make support for Mac. For this material needs micropolygon displacement, is an important component, without it there would be such a result.

  2. Michael Little

    OK, thanks Viktor.
    Is the previous version still available, that presumably does not need micrpolygon displacement?

    • Viktor Sazonov

      In previous versions, there is no result. Micropolygon displacement officially appeared in Blender 2.78, so TGS PRO works with this version and higher.

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